PROJECT: Campsite office SWH
LOCATION:Amsterdam, the Netherlands
ASSIGNMENT:design from shell and interior
STATUS:realised 2000
SIZE:950 m2
CLIENT:Advertising agency SWH
DESIGN:Eline Strijkers with Frank van Ooijen
PHOTOGRAPHY:Martien Mulder

In the design for the advertising agency Schaeffer Wünsch (SWH), the spatial qualities of the open plan office are preserved while providing the workstations with various levels of privacy. The concept is highly flexible, but the use of sightlines and routes has imbued the space with a sense of constraint as well. A doubling in the number of workstations within a few years is taken into account in the design.
The concept of a campsite is adopted for the layout with each single workstation having its own connection points. A workstation can easily be created on demand. This consists of a cupboard, a table, heating, lighting and a room with acoustic panels. These textile panels can be folded into each other and provide acoustic absorption. The addition of workstations entails adding acoustic absorption thereby ensuring that the sound level in the office remains constant even with an increase in the number of people. Because the floor plan will densify in time, new routes, neighbors and sightlines will emerge.


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